Bible Study – You are my witnesses: A study in Acts

We meet every Wednesday evening at 7:30pm to explore and discuss God’s word, the Bible, in an all age Bible study in the church building.

This June 2024 we shall be starting a new series on the Acts of the Apostles. We shall be discussing the preaching from Sunday as we progress through the book of Acts chapters 1-11. We shall be using a Good Book Company Bible study book for our discussion Bible Study – these will be provided free of charge to anyone who wants to attend.

We also have teaching on subjects that touch our lives and help us live everyday for Jesus Christ in our workplace, amongst our family, with our neighbours and amongst our community.

Women’s ministry

We have a number of women’s meetings with craft evenings, flower arranging and wreath making taking place during the year. We have in the past held Bible studies and women’s book clubs in helping women examine the teaching of the Christian faith found in the Bible.